Tue. May 24th, 2022
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New Delhi. A Tamil Nadu couple is all set to celebrate their wedding on the metaverse. Where guests from all over the world will be logged in virtually and join the feast. This story takes us to the world where being virtual would be the biggest feeling. In fact, the wedding feast of Dinesh SP and Janaganandini Ramaswamy will be held in the virtual quarter of the dining room of Hogwart Palace.

According to the news published in Times of India, the virtual avatar of this couple will be met by their guests at the site of Metaverse. The special thing is that the event will have a special host, a virtual avatar of the girl’s late father. The couple is going to tie the knot on February 6 in Tamil Nadu’s Sivalingapuram village. Thus the idea of ​​a wedding feast came to Dinesh’s mind, which was accepted by Janaganandini and thus the virtual feast on the metaverse could be implemented.

Janaganandini is a software developer suitable for everyone in the era of
Kovid, while Dinesh works as a project associate at IIT Madras. Dinesh believes that he has always been curious about Blockchain and behind the idea of ​​virtual world is the principle of Blockchain that works. Since the couple first met on Instagram, they felt that there could be no better way to celebrate their wedding than this, and it would be suitable for everyone in the time of Kovid.

Guests can also gift the couple,
Dinesh met Vignesh Selvaraj of Quatix Tech, who is working on the design of the Tardivers, a place where people can meet and play. At Dinesh and Janaganandini’s wedding party, guests can choose from western or Indian costumes for their avatars and can also present gifts to the couple via jeepay or crypto.

The American couple had married for the first time in this way,
similarly last year an American couple became the first couple to get married in the universe. However, during this time their physical marriage was also organized. For the digital avatars of Tracy and Dave Gagnon, the Vibela Company of America had worked to create a virtual environment. In this wedding, when he was getting married physically, at the same time guests with his digital avatar were attending the virtual wedding.

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