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Earn Rs.35000MONTH From Amazon Amazon Affiliate Program Tamil Affiliate Marketing Tamil

🔥Earn Rs.35,000/MONTH From Amazon💰 | Amazon Affiliate Program | Affiliate Marketing

 Amazon Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing with Amazon as an alternative to Google AdSense? The constantly increasing sales prove that the calculation works. Not least because the use of topic-related product links is less striking and therefore more user-friendly than display ads. In this article you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of participating in the Amazon affiliate program and what sales you can expect.

Make money with Amazon – how does it work?

Generating income with the Amazon affiliate program is no longer a topic that only affects niche blogs. The huge product selection on Amazon makes affiliate marketing an interesting financial option for numerous content creators and business blogs. Five-digit amounts can be achieved by integrating product links into website content.


How it works? If a user visits your blog and gets to the Amazon site via your affiliate link, you earn money from every subsequent purchase. Amazon differentiates the purchases made into direct and indirect sales. If the user uses your link to buy products from the same product category as the product you linked, this is a direct qualifying purchase. However, sales from other product categories are considered indirect qualifying purchases and carry a much lower commission.


In any case, you should always link directly to a product page. This is the only way to count the sales triggered as direct purchases by the user. On the other hand, if you link to Category Pages, any purchases made will be considered indirect sales, which will only earn you a small advertising fee.


Nonetheless, with affiliate marketing on Amazon, you don’t just get your commission for the products you link to. Each product placed in the shopping cart and purchased by the user is rewarded with a credit in the PartnerNet account.

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